Mommy Facials

Mommy Medifacials (Chemical FREE) :

With so many procedures out there, it can be hard to determine which treatments will work best — and be safe — for you & your baby. But with so many Mamas suffering from pregnancy acne, oily skin and bloating, we understand your face needs a little extra pampering.
A professional facial can work wonders when it comes to clearing pores clogged by extra oil — the result of those crazy hormones. But in addition to being oily (or dry or a combination of both) your skin is extra-sensitive during pregnancy. Hence, we at Appleskin design a completely new segment of Professional Facials that are chemical free and completely safe for you and your baby.
Oxygen Facials:  A celebrity fave, oxygen facials introduce awesome ingredients to your skin via a pressurized stream of steam that helps in increasing blood circulation and promote cellular renewal. The blends can include skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and botanical extracts. This treatment is great for expecting moms with dry or dull skin.
Deep Cleansing Facials: If you have especially problematic skin, try a deep cleansing treatment. This generally includes exfoliation, extraction of blemishes and massage, followed by a healing mask and moisturizer.
Hydrating Facials: For mamas who are coping with dryness, or dullness, a hydrating facial is perfect for you. This facial uses moisture-rich treatments and products to drench pregnancy-parched skin.

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